Thank you!

Outreach Program by GNOME has come to an end last week (March 9th) officially. I got to pick up another task towards the last week as I wrap up my main project work. The task is to implement recon for other storage policies of Swift. I started off analyzing for Validating-Servers feature that I have implemented. The task remains in progress as of now – it demands a good knowledge of core concepts of Swift (I’m glad it does!) – understand “The Ring” better, the storage policies, the configuration and the like. Looking forward for the analysis and hoping to come up with some structured solution!

The Outreach Program served a great opportunity to interact with some of the best OpenStack and Swift community people. Likewise, it was very welcoming to have almost immediate attention and advice by the community to a newbie like me (in fact it is the case for anyone with questions). It was an absolute pleasure to work with the PTL of Swift and all the core members. This experience has opened me to many nuances of code contribution – from understanding tools(Gerrit, git) to the general ways of working and interacting with the community. Not to forget the well listed references and documentation of project that caters to any level of contributor.

I would encourage everyone who is looking to contribute to open source, to just go ahead and dive in – there are very many generous people who’d love to help and get you involved! Good luck for the next round of Outreachy (as it is now called) participants and mentors. Many thanks to everyone involved and who work everyday to maintain open source community standards! I look forward to my continuing contribution to OpenStack (Swift mainly ofcourse!).